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Import/Export Resources for Your Small Business

Thanks to technology the world really is your “oyster” these days.   Just as the internet allows you to have a business/tax coach (ahem, Stratus Tax & Accounting.com) that may be located in a different state or even country than you, so too can your small business use web resources to make international connections.

It is no longer mandatory that you have a large travel budget to meet with potential suppliers or customers in other countries.  Most governments have websites where you can access services and facilitate contact with foreign suppliers and buyers.

The U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Key Service is one of the best places to start planning any international business.  They introduce American companies to possible partners overseas and are one of the federal government’s best kept secrets.

Another great website to look for international business opportunities is the Japan External Trade Organization.  Many of the listings on this site are available to a multitude of countries not just Japan.

And if you decide that you want to take advantage of an international opportunity, UPS Capital may be able to help you make it happen.



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